Willows exploration

As Willow was carefully tip toeing on the soft, smooth grass, she heard a loud growl coming from her right…She wondered what could possibly be around here? She remembered that her dad had gave her a golden, sparkly sword that he said would chop anything instead of a ruby of its special kind. She was terrified, but she trembled as Willow chopped a very tall tree that was blocking her path to the exit that would let her out of the spooky forest. A hour later, Willow was exhausted and she had a terrible headache because of all of the growls that she heard. Hundreds of minutes passed and she felt herself heating up from the inside out..Could it be?Was she actually near the equator?Willow was feeling terrible because of what she had done to that tree..She couldnt believe that she actually cut down a tree when she reallly cared aout nature itself!She was very, very upset she nearly cried her eyes out!Willow was walking until she saw the creature that had been growling at her for such a long time!She was relifed!

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