Bright Beach

The Bright Beach

I want to paint…

The memory of sunbathing in Turkey whilst getting splashed by little children.

The high possibility of me watching Friends with torific toffee covered popcorn.

The feeling of swimming in the dark blue southern ocean, which is colder than ice.

  The memory of trying on pretty, posh dresses with my friends at the Trafford Centre.

The vision of dancing to my favourite little mix album.lThe vision of a mythical creature drinking from holy water in the pretty pink treed forest.

The feeling of rain crashing down on the roof of a white Mercedes .

The memory of me playing my guitar on the bright, warm  sun setting.

The vision of  me sitting  in my Nanna’s back garden as the moon rose.

The feeling of me drawing a golden Cocker spaniel  called Theo playing with a ball.

The feeling of holding a very long snake in Portugal.

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