Escape Mission

Friday 1st October 2021

Escape Mission

I want to paint, a silver, stunning Bugatti racing down a motorway with soft compound  tyres reaching 269 MPH.

The exhaust pipe, blowing fire, hotter than the Earths core shaking in speed.

The driver was sweating as he hit the brakes at a red light.

I want to dream of being a soldier planning an escape mission in the Chinese war prison.

Lurking in the clouds, came a squadron of bombers with nukes and machine guns.

BANG!!! A nuke comes down onto the Chinese jail and down come the planes as they are shot down like a leaf being ripped.

I want to smell sweet BBQ ribs in the oven melting the BBQ sauce,  as if it were chocolate.

I want to paint BIG BEN chiming 12 times on new years eve.

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