I want to paint …

the sound of the soft slow mow from a cow.

the smell of fresh bailed hay.

the feeling of fluffy sheep’s wool.

I want to paint …

the smell of delicious roast dinners.

the taste of warm apple crumble like a big warm hug.

the feeling of warm heat of the oven.

I want to paint …

the feel of the warm summer breeze as it passed by.

the touch of my mums hugs with the softest hands.

the first sight of new animals as it opens its eyes.

I want to paint …

the brightness in f the moons light.

the feel of grass between my toes.

the feeling of the cold cooling kitchen floor.

I want to paint ….

the sight of lambs in the field jumping around.

the look of love on my dogs face when I touch her.

the depth of my dogs crystal brown eyes.

I want to paint loving memory’s

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