Great Yarmouth

I want to paint the beautiful Great Yarmouth beach while the flaming sunset fades in the breeze.The long grass sways at the top of the steep hill while adorable children run through it.


I want to paint the sound of seagulls flying over people trying to steal the tasty fish & chips from their greasy hands. 


I want to paint the blue dolphins in the distance jumping through the 

glistening water.  


I want to paint the smell of the fruity ice cream wafting through the icy breeze.

One Response to “Great Yarmouth”

  1. Ellison Gillibrand Y6 October 18, 2021 at 5:55 pm

    Teagan this is amazing.I like how you described the first paragraph. How long did it take you to plan the poem? Next time you should have more similes.

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