I like painting

I want to paint
I want to paint the receiving rain trickling down a cliff edge next to a waterfall dropping quicker than sound.
I want to paint courageous, colourful leaves dropping off an Autumn oak tree in the month of October.
I want to paint shinning, silver snowflakes lightly drooping like shutting your eyes as you fall asleep through the Winter wind.
I want to paint the shining Summer sun gleaming down at the groovy grass below the blue.
I want to paint a thunderstorm rushing its way around striking every village imaginable around the countryside.
I want to paint a rain forest with trickles of wet liquid dropping and every droplet of water is more than the world combined.
I want to paint a bamboo forest covered with droplets of jaguars tears to prey on its next victim of soulfulness.
I want to paint a sparkling shiny statue glistening brighter than a diamond its self in the midnight.
I want to paint the sound of thunder booming louder than a lion roaring in the drowsy clouds.
I want to paint clear clouds creating a sun far away in Canada.
I want to paint a four leafed clover drifting away in the wind floating like a cloud over in New Zealand.
I want to paint significant snow slowly dropping down on to some glorious grass in the Winter air. Listen.

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