I want to paint

Friday 1st October 2021

Towering mountains

I want to paint-

The moon glistening on a cold winters night

Milly my white Poochon prancing in a field trying to catch a ball

An army trudging into the battle field ready to fight for their country

Me and my grandma escalating up the dark brown stairs on a stair lifter

A friendship lasting forever like a turtle

I want to paint-

Towering mountains standing over people watching their every move

A hot steaming roast dinner waiting to be eaten

Big Ben ringing there bell as it chimes ten times

The sun stretching after a long nights rest

The memory of me screaming going up and down on a dropper at Gullivers World

A newborn puppy opening it’s eyes for the first time

Seasons changing slowly like a sun rising

I want to paint the droplets of water silently dropping like a feather

I want to painting the memory of when I first saw my dog and falling in love with her

I want to paint the sounds of birds tweeting on a summers morning

I want to paint the taste of sugar coated chocolate dripping hot cross bun

I want to paint the impossibility of a fast turtle

I want to paint the end of this poem

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