I want to paint

I want to paint


I want to paint-

A yodelling yeti running in the snowy mountain range,

the succulent remains of a fish finger pizza,

the memory of a fallen army soldier dying to save many lives,

the endless swirls of rainbow like a hypnotist watch,

 a  golden eagle watching , waiting for his dinner.


I want to paint-

A poppy like a red sun bright and beautiful , 

An axe so special it  was a lumberjacks best friend,

A rainbow so colorful it can be seen from hundreds of miles


A football being striked into the top corner of the net,

the cheers of the crowd when england hold the world cup in 

the air.


I want to paint a unicycle going round in circles as he balanced

on one leg,

the soft sofa was so comfy you could fall asleep very quickly,

the book of life where everything begins,

A ripe red cherry just fallen of a tree as he squealed with 



I want to paint a magicians hat a rabbit being pulled out,

A succulent sausage being cooked on a barbecue,

A crispy chicken wings from KFC being eaten with joy.

 By Isobel Westo

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