I want to paint


I want to paint 

I want to paint –

A greedy little guinea pig sleeping like a little angel,

An elephant dancing across the forest like a ballerina ,

A game of football when the ball crashes thru the air and into the net like a lion hunting its prey,

A rainbow shooting across the sky,

The sound of a cat curiously looking around as the children ran around in the garden.


I want to paint-

The tv blasting out as the children watch mindlessly,

An ice skater skating around graciously on the cold hard ice,

A lolly pop sat sadly on a shelf in a shop waiting and waiting and waiting,

A singer singing on stage hopelessly as the viewers sat miserably,

The teacher sat on her desk wishing she was somewhere else.


I want to paint a red apple shining in the sunlight.

I want to paint the sound of an exciting movie flashing on the big screen.

I want to paint an artist working hard on a painting like a bee buzzing around.

I want to paint a leaf flying through the sky like a superhero.

I want to paint the happiness when you shoot the ball through the net and win the game.

I want to paint the end of this world.

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