I want to paint Bobby

I want to paint-


A football jersey as warm as a winter coat.


The jersey runs as fast as Kylian Mbappe.


The fantastic football jersey takes penalties as good as Ronaldo.


The jumping jersey can jump as high as David De-gea.


The fantastic football jersey can dive like Allison.


I want to paint-


An overwhelmed octopus in the burping sea.


The octopus was as small as a crumb in the bottom of a crisp packet.


The octopus was as warm as a fire.


The outstanding octopus sailed a boat like a pilot.


I want to paint-


Nani running down the wing and crossing to Ronaldo to let him score.


Notorious Nani is as fast as Marcus Rashford.


Nasty Nani running down the wing with Ronaldo in the box is dangerous

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