In the land of GOATS



In the land of Goats, I found a big beautiful white-wooled goat 

that had golden eyes like glimmering glitter.


In the land of Goats, I touched a humongous hill-goats horn 

it felt smooth and rough at the same time, as its wool danced in the wind.


In the land of Goats, I felt the peace and stillness of the horizon spill over me 

as the black birds chirped to a beautiful little song.


In the land of Goats, I captured a picture of the still, smiling sun it

 was so bright and peaceful that I almost fell asleep.


In the land of Goats, I saw an amazing apple with godly golden stripes 

so I took a bite and it tasted like fresh melted gold mixed with the fruits of a magical tree.


In the land of Goats, the gibbons howled to warn the goats of the nights treachery 

As the moon can be very deceiving.

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