Jewellery gleaming

Friday 1st October 2021

Jewellery gleaming

Stanza 1

I want to paint,the feeling of scoring the winning goal for my football team.

I want to paint,the sun beaming down on a white Maserati.

I want to paint,me lying on the beach watching the waves crashing against the

rocks in Spain.

I want to paint,the feelings of celebrating because I won a very hard console game.

Stanza 2

I want to paint,a stadium erupting when Manchester United scoring the winning goal in the champions league final.

I want to paint,the cold mountains on a dull day brownish black rocks crumbling.

I want to paint, the banging music at a festival with colourful signs in the air.

I want to paint,a cold snowy morning in the winter and the glimmering sun.

I want to paint,a succulent steak being cut in a fancy restaurant.

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