My family

My family

I want to paint my love for my family, because they’re shooting stars,

They all care about me a lot my mum, dad, dog and three brothers,

My mum and dad take me to all my amazing clubs,

I love my family.


I want to paint the amazing glistening ocean,

The majestic fox lying next to the apple tree,

And the owl on the grainy sand,

It would be like a rainbow.


A single pop of a Popit,

I want to paint the feeling of fidgets,

The smile on children’s faces,

Pop it, dimples, magnet-balls,

All of them.


The nerves of going to high school,

I want to paint myself going to high school,

It’s only in a few months,

Butterflies are flying around my stomach.


hope you enjoyed my poem Imogen

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