In the land of Neverbelieve, I heard the whales-highway roar as ear-splitting lushes lion.


In the land of Neverbelieve, I saw a quiet, slithering snake kill its pray it was like a egg begging poached.


In the land of Neverbelive, I watched The world-warmer set into the beautiful blue sky it was like flames dying.


In the land of Neverbelieve, I smelt the burning of marshmallows, smoke rose I felt like it was turning into something bigger it grew as big as a double decker bus.


In the land of Neverbelieve,I captured a bee it was as fast as a cheetah.

In the land of Neverbelieve, I touched a tree they started dancing in the wind going from side to side the tree groaned they were so old they were going crucked.

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