Six Sentences

. The shadows were lurking in the semi-light of a single, caramel-coloured candle.


. In the land of rainbows, a beautiful white cat comes around and gives you cuddles just like an angle greeting you to Heaven.


. In the land of marshmallows, there was a cherry coloured lollypop in the centre of the shop but it is just like picking a freshly sweet apple from the centre of a tree.


. In the land of lighting, a beautiful bright tiger trying to fly but it can’t through the air just like a chick struggling to swim from the wind swim.


. In land of Neverbelive, I saw a beautiful brown cow teaching its baby how to run just like baby bird learning how to fly.


. In the land greatness amazing people with respect greet you just like proud lions, brushing up against one another’s manes.


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