Spark Of Nature

Thursday 1st October

I want to paint..

the flakey taste of belgian chocolate oozing out like a lake of honey.

the moment sunlight sprawls like a marmalade-coloured Bengal cat.

the sound of a crackling fire defeating the silence on a cold bonfire night.

the feeling of the ghostly, grasping limbs of the old gnarled trees.

the golden riches in sand on a tropical beach.

a splash of clear water springing off the vibrant, waterproof umbrella.

the memory of waves crashing in the misty Atlantic ocean.

a raw, nude orange-coloured carrot crunching in my mouth.

a majestic fox laying ontop of a blanket of crimson leaves.

the sound of a crack while eating a beige almond biscuit.

the moment a palm tree reaching out for the talkative parrot.

a lady wearing a red velvet coat whilst eating a blood red apple

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