The train station.

I want to paint-terrifying trains driving along the track,the smell of acrid smoke like a fire,the train bell ringing in my ear,as tears trickle down my cheek and people tasting yummy looking snacks.


I want to paint-crying mums and dads waving goodbye to their children, the smell of sweat trickling down peoples faces, the children weeping for their parents as nervousness filled the air and the taste of rubber  coming off the train track.


I want to paint the heavy leaping luggage children were carrying.

I want to paint  the smell of food from my lunch box.

I want to paint smoke hissing out of the train and a loud bang!

I want to paint the anxiousness they were feeling inside them.

I want to paint the tears falling in my mouth.


I want to paint trolleys queuing along the wall.

I want to paint the terrible smell of burnt cole.

I want to paint the sound of children gulping down water.

I want to paint my heart thumping.

I want to paint the taste of cole at  the back of my back.


I want to paint the end of this nightmare    

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