What goes on inside my house

I want to paint…

the sugary feeling you get as you scoop multiple scoops of crunchy ice cream,

the aroma of my toast popping up out of the toaster and my mum bringing it over to me like it’s her job,

the memory of stealing gingerbread dough from the kitchen and eating it.


i want to paint…

the memory of going to Legoland with Agnes as if it was yesterday,

the distance between me going to bed and people in Africa and New Zealand waking up,

the happiness in my heart when Otti  won twice in a row on strictly.


I want to paint…

the possibility of waking up before my alarm clock,

the sound of my dad coming through the front door late at night with my dogs barking their heads off as if there was a robber

I want to paint the happiness of life.

One Response to “What goes on inside my house”

  1. Agnes - Rushall October 4, 2021 at 2:45 pm

    I think this is a really unique poem and I love your use of alliteration. Why did you choose these memories? The way to make this even better is to double check your writing because one thing I did spot was you didn’t put a comma on the second to last memory. Well done, it’s brilliant.

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