What I’d love to paint

I want to paint …

the owl hooting in the moonlight with the moon glimmering on the silky soft as white as snow .

the scent of the petroleum’s petal wafting through a wonderful window .

the sound of horses hooves clopping up a homey hill as quietly as a silent whisper.

I want to paint …

the smell of coffee in the white wanted kitchen.

the touch of snow on a white cold day .

the sound of a wolf howling in the moonlight like a deep growl.

I want to paint …

the children laughing and playing in the playground.

the soft slow of my mum sneezing inside of my room.

the dads laugh chuckling in the sunset with a faint laugh in the distens.

I want to paint the end of the day.

2 Responses to “What I’d love to paint”

  1. I think that the eighth one is really good because you have put a lot of detail in it and it is very interesting verse.
    To make this even better,you could put more description in it.

  2. I really like your line about the wolf howling.To make this even better you could add more description on some lines.What is your favourite line?

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