A boy called joy…

On the way home…


I met a boy called joy,

He had eyes as yellow as a clean giraffe,

And a smile as wide as a small sized table,

With skin that was brighter than the warm sun.

He complimented everyone he saw,

With words of wisdom,

That filled your soul with a light.


I met a girl called frost,

Her skin was as cold as the vacuum of space,

And her eyes were like the never ending sea,

Also she had hair that was like a block of ice.

She could freeze water with the click of her heel,

And swim into the coldest depths of the world.


I met a man called madness,

His hair stood hours on end,

He had crazy hypnotic eyes,

And skin that was all colors.

He covered the streets in mustard,

And smelt like a salty peanut.


I met a woman called ocean,

She had a fishy smell,

And hair wetter than water.

She managed daily beach clean ups,

And could ride any sea animal.


I met a boy called hungry,

He was as big as a bus,

And had eyes that were pizzas,

With hair that was as long as noodles.

He wanted food day and night ,

And would not waste a moment without food.


I met a girl called fossil,

She was as hard as rock,

And had eyes following the science of dinosaurs,

With hair that was in buns like a beach of rocks.

She carved as quick as the flash,

And she was careful and caring.




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