I met a…

I met a girl called Cherry, 

Her skin was as red as a second degree sunburn,

But it was as shiny as iron polished 

over and over.


I met a boy called Peace,

He looked as mean as a bully,

But his sweet personality

could change the world.


I met a man called Ice,

People say his cold touch

could kill one hundred whales

in one blow, but really he is as nice

as you and me.


I  met a woman called fire,

her hot feelings will burn you,

but she loves being treated like

the person she dreams of being.

A normal person.


I met a girl called Gold,

her skin shone as bright

as the sun and twinkled in

the moonlight as she spun 

around in her fancy dress.


I met a boy called Death,

he seemed sweet at first,

but would poison your best 

friend out of pure jealousy

and envy.


I met a man called Truth,

if he was in questioning

in the police station,

he would always tell 

what is name suggests,

the truth.


I met a woman called Ghost,

her skin was so pale it was

almost transparent.

Her hair was as grey

as a commit yet she was

as sweet as a muffin.



One Response to “I met a…”

  1. This is fantastic!!! Do you like peace boy and cherry girl? You could possible write more about the characters,

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