I met a…. By Sebastian S_JMPSY6



I met an actor named Yell.

Every word he spoke he shouted.

He was very rude because he didn’t care about anyone but himself.


I met an actress name Soft.

Her voice was so soothing it made her parade of fans calmed.

Her luscious brown hair swayed behind her.

The ruby red shoes skipped along the ground.

I met a waiter named Helpful.

Everything he did was at an attempt to be kind to someone.

His suit was neat and tidy and his bow tie was done with perfection.


I met a Waitress named Summer.

Her smile was as bright as the sun.

She lights up everyone’s day and the town would be a wreck without her acts of kindness.


I met a king named Greed.

He bought all the supplies of food in the world.

He bought precious diamonds and made his servants make him new clothes with sewn in gold, Ruby’s ,silver and emeralds. He burnt money in his fire place.

He didn’t care about the country he ruled only about his big belly that had to be full.


I met a soldier named Sargent Disaster.

His gun ready, teeth rotten and his clothes covered in dirt.

His voice barked loud but definitely not clear.

His shot was accurate and never missed.

The soldiers where petrified by his frightening glare.

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