I met by Lily H

I met a girl called Sweet.

Her bubbly personality flooded my body as I was overwhelmed with happiness

Bubblegum pink eyes twinkled merrily

Rainbow, swirling lollipops entwined within her long locks were completed with a spoonful of sparkles

And sugary teeth beamed in joy.


I met a boy called Sour.

He had a bored expression fixed on his face

Dismal yellow eyes looking for an occupation

A wicked smirk shooting in and out of view

And an air of doing a simple daily task that dampened your mood.

I met a Duchess called Disaster.

Wherever she stepped, chaos overtook

And people ran, screaming in petrification

Ombré auburn hair sank in locks below her neck

With split ends exploding with a bang every hour.


I met a Duke called Albino.

His pale, white hair waved in the wind

And bloodshot eyes pierced through me

With empty, black pupils staring beadily into the depths of my soul

Dismissing the joy I felt.


I met a woman called War.

Her helmet clanged as she rode her fierce black mare

While she let out a cry in a gravelly voice

Letting her soldiers know a battle would soon commence

Preparing them for the dangers of the future

That would soon overcome their country.


I met a man called Peace.

A halo sat upon his head of blonde bleached hair

Boney fingers grasped my hand

With sharp fingernails striking through my hand

Like a knife through melted butter.


I met a girl called Ocean.

Her crystal clear eyes glistened with tears

As the memories of sunken ships flooded her thoughts

And I could almost hear her heart yearning for the young lives lost

As a mournful tune followed her, disheartened by her lack of life.


I met a Waiter called Hopeless.

Everything he did he messed up

If he was carrying away a stack of plates

The poor man could not wait a minute before dropping them

He wobbled around clumsily and was a sorry sight to see in the rain.


I met a woman called Fire.

Embers burst from her sooty hair

Punctuated by a choking voice whispering an apology with haste

Her silky mane of hair cascaded down below her shoulders

And scars leaked the flames of tomorrow.

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