I met… By LilyR

I met a girl called Ice.

She had eyes that twinkled in the morning sun

Her tears turned into icicles as they cascaded down her face

She looked at me and smiled then turned away.


I met a child called Cloud.

He had dark hair that never ended

He had a gloomy look on his face

He sat in silence.


I met a lady called Moon.

She had pale skin white skin

Her lovely locks travelled from head to toe

She took a gentle deep breath in and out as she left me hanging.


I met a man called Ocean.

His deep blue eyes never ended

Behind his coral rib cage there was a pearl heat

He rapidly swam away in hope I didn’t see him.


I met a lady called Greed.

Her diamond earrings bedazzled me

Her crystal eyes glinted every time she blinked

She wore a diamond dress that lay behind her

Gathered on her wrists were tones of diamond and gold bracelets

She glared at me and smiled and strutted away.

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