I met many people by Bella.W

I met many people.

I met a huntress called Flame.

She had eyes of fire that glistened

And her hair was as deep as a wild fire

With small braids were planted within her hair.

I met a hunter called Thunder.

He had eyes of horror that reflected

And his muscles were strong

With robust bones beneath them.

I met boy called Winter.

His eyes glistened in the snow

And his fingers was a cold as an icicle

With icy fingertips pointing to his house.

I met a girl called Summer.

Her warm breath blew on my face

And her soft voice chimed in my ears

With her whitened teeth sparkling in the sunshine.

I met a man of Honesty.

His clothes were made of soft silk

And his glistening teeth sparkled

With the truth oozing out of it unexpectedly.

One Response to “I met many people by Bella.W”

  1. Charlie SHCP Y6 October 7, 2021 at 10:14 am

    Good, I liked the description but maybe try alliteration, that would make it even better.

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