I want to dream…

I want to dream…….


I want to dream of getting a pet fox for christmas that dances around as if it’s trying to catch its tail like one i saw in the woods.


Of a slithery snake swishing through the woods like the breeze blowing through the trees.


Of a bird tweeting in the woods like it’s laughing with happiness.



I want to see…….


The floor covered with leaves and flower petals sat with bugs under them having a party under the leaves or the petals.

A wonderful tree shiny, sparkling bright green leaves that blow in the wind,the wondrous wind blows with the grass as well.


The glowing sparkling moon with a shooting star that glides through the clouds with the moon shining bright.



I want to glimpse………


An orchid that shines bright when the sun sparkles on its precious flower .


A wild cat with black spots and brown eyes that rolls around in the snow playing with it’s tail.


A wonderful scarlet deer racing away from a tremendous horrifying pack of wolves chasing it for food.


I want to notice……….


A ferocious bear that scratches its back on a brown bruised tree while eating leaves.


A silver birch tree dancing in the lonely twilight.

2 Responses to “I want to dream…”

  1. Your poem is great!
    But I definitely don’t want a Fox I would have a dog for Christmas.

  2. Zohan Joseph Cash November 15, 2021 at 12:05 pm

    I really like this poem and I also like how you put two parts into one! Keep up the good work.

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