In the land of …

In the land of Cola-Bean, I saw a bunch of Mr Beans rushing down from the pea-pot cloud as it turns into a multi-coloured cloud.

In the land of Abdillahi (my teacher), I heard a massive tantrum from lots of alarm clocks crying for help as the book wrapped tape around they mouths.

In the land of Rain-School, I tasted the most delicious delectable rain cake ever, it was falling from rainy sky but it didn’t get wet.

In the land of smart starts, i captured shirts with stars as eyes and on top them are glasses.

In the land of wall of fame, I touched all the names and suddenly there pealed off and started dancing.


One Response to “In the land of …”

  1. Alexa-Dersingham October 4, 2021 at 11:53 am

    Its a realy nice poem, but do you need the b on bean to have a capital?

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