In the land of Neverbelieve by Bobby

IN the land of Never believe  I  found a massive over wight ,stout  cat  trying  to run as fast as a plane soring through  the luminous, sparkling sky.

IN the land of Never believe I saw a mountain as high as the glowing bright Eiffel tower and Blackpool tower combined.

IN the land of Never believe I found the mother ship as big as worlds and universe.

I N the land of Never believe  I saw lava as hot as the sun ,mars,venus and stars  joined !


IN the land of Neverbelive,  I saw water as cold as ice like Antarctica and the Northpole  formed  together.


IN the land of neverbelive   I  found    a  floppy,fat  fried egg looking at the enormous egg eating eagle .

IN the land of Neverbelieve, I saw a mythical creature in its crystalised cave.

IN the land of Neverbelive I saw a sky glider gliding  out  to space and gets killed by  the giant mothership weapons.

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