Mini Stars.

I met a girl called Shine,
Her eyes were as bright as the centre of the sun,
And her shoes were like Cinderella’s,
With blonde locks that swam in the wind,
She sang golden lyrics,
That rose like mini stars,
Into a pocketful of light.

I met a woman called Passion,
Her smile enchanted people with warmth,
And her hair as short as a Pixie’s
With the eyes of a Phoenix,
She whispered words of wonder,
Her voice as soft as cotton.

I met a boy called Moon,
His fingertips were as soft as sugar,
And his eyes were cold like Jack Frost’s,
With the stillness inside of him that felt empty,
But the wildness that was actually within,
He had shoes as bouncy as a trampoline.

I met a man called Ocean,
His hands as thin as flippers,
And his scars as deep as gills,
With eyes as a deep as a whale’s,
He blubbed words of water,
With a voice as screamy as a fingernail scratching a blackboard.

I met a calf called Munch,
His teeth as green as grass,
And his tongue as long as a worm,
With eyes filled with greed,
He snaffled the grass,
Gulping as loud as a trumpet,
He munched.

I met a foal called Wriggle,
His back as spiky as a mohican,
And his hooves as black as his eyes,
With lips, covered with grease and dirt,
He snorted as he rolled against the grass,
nd kicked his hooves.

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