On my way home🏠

I met a woman called Winter,

her hair was blue,white and silky,

Her hands were as cold as Antarctica,

She sang like a bird to me

As the beautiful snowflakes fell on the slippery



I met a boy called Joy,

His hair was brown with yellow stripes,

His eyes were a beautiful emerald green,

Which were as green as grass ,

His smile made my day even better as he

Quietly whispered “hello, what’s your name?”…


I met a man called Hazel

His hair was green and a pretty brown,like a tree,

And his hair was a beautiful brown

He calmly walked up to me and asked

“Hello,What is your name,what are you doing 

Here alone”.His voice was really soft,

He smiled at me and walked off…


I met a girl called Amethyst,

Her hair was a pretty violet,

And her eyes were the same too,

She was gazing at all the trees…


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