On my way home

I met a girl called Sadness, 

She shredded tears that were as sapphire as the sea waves,

She felt forgotten, left out like a nobody,

Her tears caused dreadful floods and made a wave of people panic,

She tried to spread joy to the world but her mind always stops her.


I met a girl called joy,

Her eyes were shining like the sun, 

Her smile brang joy to the world around her,

She cheerfully speaks to anyone and tells them never to give up,

She felt proud of herself everyday and night by spreading joy and happiness. 


I met a boy called anger,

His eyes were as amber as a flaming fire,

His heart was filled with blazing flames,

He was a danger to earth, people would be scared when he used his threatening powers.

He felt alone, he couldn’t control his powers, every day he would wonder how he could get people to know him for other things, not scary and terrifying.


I met a boy called destruction,

He had ruby red eyes and they would light up if you got him angry,

He was like a tornado; he shoved everything in his path,

He had destructive powers , he could destroy almost anything you could imagine,

He battled all of his challenges that were against him, he was unstoppable.


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