On my way home

On my way home…


I met a boy called Bravery,

He wore a fur coat made from bear skin that covered his small shoulders and flopped down to drag on the ground like a cape. 

Both of his knees were grazed.

He had a sling hugging his broken arm but a loving smile still marked his face. 


I met a girl called Justice, 

She wore a yellow and white striped T-shirt covered by tatty dungerise. 

She carried a bin bag full of rubbish that she collected from the street.

She danced and sang words of wisdom to the tune of a happy song,

spreading contagious happiness.


I met a quiet girl called Patients, 

She wore a small blue checkered Pinafore dress with large thick glasses. 

She had long blonde hair that flowed to her knees. 

She carried a book with her all the time, always in pristine condition.

Some say she is waiting for the time to shine.

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