On My Way Home

  On my way home I met a girl called Dusk,

 her hair as black as midnight’s grasp 

with moon lite  white ends.

Her dress, dark and navy,

 She used it to drift around without a trace. 

Dusk drifts  around creating night everywhere

 but doesn’t show her face

She disappears Into the  dark void without a trace.


On my way home I met a girl called Death,

striking her sterling silver scythe on people

 when it’s time for them to die.

She mysteriously walks away with blood dripping down her face.


On my way home I met a girl called Evil,

 she wears a blood coloured dress and 

Had eyes that glow

 red when it’s time for her to strike.

 She grabs a knife and goes on a hunt and people say that she used to wear a white dress and the red is from the blood stains from the unknown people or things she kills.


On my way home I met a girl called Fire,

 her skin sizzles and crackles like a spreading fire.

Her fair is as scarlett as molten rock still covered with lava. Everything she touches burns to a crisp so she stays isolated in a volcano where  she feels home.


On my way home I met a girl called Shadow, her hair as black as a raven at night with a face made of shadows underneath her darkened silhouette cloak. She makes shadows all across the world but then fades away as soon a dawn cracks.


On my way home I met a girl called Ghost,

 with skin as pasty and pale as snow with a haunting smile on her face that creeps me out!

At midnight she leaves her

 resting place and haunts people for fun. 

She finds it amusing!

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