On My Way Home

I met a Girl Called Dream,

She walked around sleepwalking,dreaming of all the possibilities of life.She wore a pair of pajamas which were made of all of the old pairs stitched together bringing all the memories along with all the dreams at night.

I met a Soldier of Sorrow,

With a face as gloomy and as dark as the dead of night. With circles around her eyes which looked like she hadn’t slept in over a week her skin was tattooed with scars which represented her as a person.

I met a Boy called Cloud,

He jumped from pillows to pillows of clouds, his eyes were as luminous as the sun and his hair was a ball of snow on top of his head.He cried because he was alone but never shedded a tear. 

I met a Woman of Thunder,

 Her glare was as sharp as a knife and every word that slipped out of her mouth was a stream of molten lava.She has hair as electrifying as lightning and every time she walks the whole world and sky rumbles like somebody is moving one hundred tables at once. 

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