On my way home


 I met a man called Lava,                                     

His eyes were as red as fire,                                                              

His skin was tattooed with a sea of flames,

His eyes filled with brightness,

He battled through his stress,

Praying he doesn’t die.

I met a women named Water,

Her body was as crystal clear as the sparkly ocean,

Her eyes were shiny as diamonds,

She wore a blue dress and heels,

She had blue skin and hair,

Her skin was tattooed with waves crashing.

I met a boy called Air,

His body hairs blew all around him,

His legs and neck were tattooed with trees swaying,

He wore a grey t-shirt and jumper,

He pushed all of the wind in one direction,

And stared in the same direction.

I met a girl called Sadness,

She cried onto her bed,

Her sight was blurred with her tears,

Her tears made her cry so much,

She prayed that she wouldn’t cry anymore.

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