On My Way Home

Title  – On My Way Home

By Joseph Lynch


I met a man called Rainbow. 

He liked to go to the vibrant end of the Rainbow,

 to search for gold as shiny as the sun. 

He dashed to the other side and found more secret treasures,

 Then he waited for the next.


I met a Girl called Flame. 

Her eyes were burning like an asteroid hitting the earth,

Her skin was as red as blood, 

and her hair was as ruby as the sun. 

She looked like she was from Mars, the red planet.


I met a woman called Snowy.

 She had crystal clear eyes and her skin was pale like snow, her hair was so faint it looked like a cloud.

 She also had a pet Arctic fox and got it from the Arctic.


I met a boy called Emerald.

He had Grassy green eyes and 

his skin was as green as a Grape 

He had lots of lush greenery surrounding him.

 Wherever he went trees and flowers would start to blooming out of the ground like it was spring when it was really autumn.



 He had sky blue eyes and his skin was as blue as sapphire, they lived in the shallow parts of the ocean                           

  They were like fish people that can breath under water.

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