On my way home

On my way home I met a woman called Autumn.

Her long, flowing, golden brown hair danced in the brisk breeze,

and her smile warmed you up like a mug filled with hot chocolate.

On my way home I met a boy called Ocean.

His calmness soothed the waves

and the salty winds,

His eyes were as blue as the deepest layer of the ocean.

On my way home I met a girl called Summer.

Her nails were as pink as cotton candy and her hair shone in the sun.

Tulips and bluebells sprung up and gently wound themselves around her,

as she sang in her soft voice.

On my way home I met a man called Poem.

His hair was undersized and grey.

He repeated his lines with grace and poise again and again,

From his dusty, ancient scroll.

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