On the way home…


On the way home…


I met a boy called Winter,

He had eyes like frost that glistened in the snow 

He was wearing a snow white fluffy jumper,

A white hat and a hand so cold that it made my face go red.


I met a girl called Autumn,

She was wearing a top which was camouflaged with the leaves on the trees changing colour,

Her fingernails were as long as two centimeters long.


I met a man called sunlight,

He was eyes were the colour of the sunlight 

His clothes were as bright as the actual sun 

His hair was the colour of a bright yellow highlighter.


I met a woman called peace,

She always sat on the sofa reading in silence,

She always sat on the sofa reading on her own.


I met a fireman called fire, 

He wore a t-shirt the colour red like fire

He had red fiery eyes like dark blood.

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