On the way home

Title – On the way home 

By Courtney 









On the way home I met a boy called Cloud.  

His skin was fluffy   as wool.

 His eyes were filled with joy,

 he skipped  with happiness as a snowflake  fell on him,

 leaving a trail behind him. He stared at the moon,

 praying he will find a new best friend any time now.   


On the way home I met a Woman  called Winter.  

She had light blue hair. 

Her skin was cold as ice. 

Her eyes filled with happiness , 

She twirled side to side  like a ballerina 

and peacefully sat down singing her own lullaby.


On the way home I met a girl called Autumn. 

Her hair was shiny  orange. 

Her skin was bright yellow.

She danced with leaves falling on her,

She laid down on a pile of petals and stared at the stars.


On the way home I met a boy called Shadow

His skin was dark  as midnight.

His hair was brown as mud.

His eyes were filled with darkness. 

He moved side to side seeing his shadow on the wall,

He sat  down and   stared at the moon.



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