People I Have Met by Evelyn

I met a boy called Sun.

You could see the flames in his eyes lighting up the night.

He spoke to me in a jolly voice as he told me a joke

As we sat in a field of lavender.


I met a girl called Moon.

Her face was pale and smooth,

She watched over everyone sleeping as she waited for dawn.

Her eyelids looked heavy as she was about to drift of to sleep.


I met a girl called Peace.

She wore a bright yellow coat which had sunflowers on.

As she skipped to a field,

Spreading her joy across it making flowers flourish and grow

I met a man called War.


He had the muscle to lift 100 elephants

And the weight of a house.

He looked like he was as tall as a sky scraper,

He always was ready to take charge and action.


I met a girl called Autumn.

Sometimes she was cold and frosty,

Other times she was soft and warm.

Autumn always had a smile on her face no matter what.

I met a boy called Winter.


He always wore a hat, gloves and scarf,

He always seemed that he was cold although it was warm outside.

He always had his fire and his heating on

And he always had arguments with Summer Spring and Autumn.

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