I met a girl called Robin.

Her voice drifted in the air like a chimneys smoke,

Her eyes were chestnut brown that sang love straight from the heart,

Her smile was warm like hot chocolate and her skin was as soft as ripe peaches.      


I met a boy called Crow.

He was tall, lean, scary.

His locks were jet black, soft but messy,

His skin was tough and strong and felt as though it was made out of a crows beak.

He was fearless and brave but as kind as a kitten on the inside.

I met a girl called Summer.

Her hair like the scent of daisies cascaded down,

Her eyes were sunshine yellow and her skin was pure pale.

She was short, sweet and loving and her smile made it ten times better.


I met a boy called Winter.

He was frost infected.

His eyes shot frostbite and his smile so mean,

He had skin of ice and snow, hair like frosted grass.

He was skinny tall and pure evil like a villain of the cold.


I met a girl called Forever.

Her head seemed to always be in a different place,

She drifted off more than she was smiling,

Her hair was ghostly grey and her eyes where fixed on the window they were crimson, like blood against her dull clothes and skin.

She looked old but seemed fun,

She is a mystery I want to solve.


I met a boy called Never.

He was cold hearted and stone looking,

His emotions never changed just a small frown, almost like it was stuck on his face.

His eyes were freaky mean and forever the same.

He only agreed.

By Izzy, JMPS Y6

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