Who did you meet this time?

I met a girl called Cloud,

She had skin that was as smooth as silk,

Nails that were as clear as the sky and

Her skirt was not creased up.

She called out to me,

That echoed through the night and

She was as calm as the ocean singing.


I met a boy called Rain,

He was wet like he was a part of the ocean,

His eyes were a dark navy blue and

He stood out among the crowds of people waiting for an autograph.

As he galloped along the street clutching his signed copy,

He scrunched it up and

Began to sweat.


I met a lady called Thunder,

Who had ten kids,

She had cheeks that were constantly red and

A cardigan that looked like it too was angry.

She turned around screaming at her kids,

Her kids looked shocked and stopped being annoying,

I’m not surprised her name is Thunder.


I met a man called Create,

Who was very creative,

He had paint all over his face and

His clothes were rainbow coloured.

He held a bottle of graffiti,

Made a position and

Began to cover the walls in paint.


I met a baby kitten called Courage,

Who was a light black beautiful kitten,

She had navy blue eyes and

Tiny little paws.

All of her family friends jumped off the wall,

She watched thinking about it and

Her friends were purring. 

Without thinking about it, she jumped.


I met a dog called Friend,

He had mint green eyes,

A long tongue to lick his lovely owners and

Pretty brown patches all over his back.

His owner called him,

He came down the stairs and

Jumped in the car as he was ordered to.


I met a lamb called Milk,

He had a big bushy coat,

A long slobbery tongue and 

Pointy black ears.

As Farmer Ted walked into the barn,

All the sheep shouted including Milk and

Farmer Ted itched his chin and walked over to Milk handing him the bottle.


I met a cow called Moo,

She was a light brown coloured cow,

Had massive claws and

A snorting nose.

She mooed all day long,

She was the loudest and

Then she made them all do it. How clever!

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