On my way to death

 On the way to Death


On my way to death

I met a girl called Scar.

Her eyes were a murky mud colour

Her rib cage obliterated into mini millions

Her legs exploding with scars

Her pale white arms dripping with blood.


On my way to death

I met a boy called Blood.

He had repulsive dripping ruby red hair

His toenails odious and grotty

He was wailing pain like a wolf howl

His shoulders and arms slipping down his body like a slimy snail.


On my way to death

I met woman named Scab.

Her head covered ***** redness

Her eyes tagged in a game in game of stuck in the mud

Her legs as stiff as if she had just done a marathon

Her fingers aching in deathly pain.




On my way to death

I met a man called Bones.

His body clipping and clopping

Creaking and cracking as walked on the lava falls

Jumping out on innocent children and frightening their hearts out of them

His spine sizzling down his back and dropping down

onto his long legs.

4 Responses to “On my way to death”

  1. This is a gruesome title Corrie, but you have created a poem full of wonderful imagery, well done.

  2. This is very nice and DARK, I like these kind of poems, this is AMAZING.

  3. Cordie, I love your Poem. I like the idea of the girl called Scar

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