11th October Dragon’s Den Week 3

Welcome to The Dragon’s Den

*Please ensure all cameras are off and mics are switched off or muted.*

Special Guest – Coral Rumble


In the early stillness of the day,
I felt the sharpness of a ray
Of sun, that cut its way through mist
And scraped my arm, down to the wrist.

With wary fingers, I clasped it tight,
Snapped off a metre of its light,
Its glow was bright and sabre-sharp,
As thin as a string from an angel’s harp.

I wrapped a cloth around one tip,
So I could cup my hand and grip
One end, then point it to the sky,
And gaze at it with squinting eyes.

Then swooping down, as with a sword,
I raced it through the air towards
The dry, cracked mud, the thinning grass –
It shattered like the finest glass.

In the early stillness of the day,
I couldn’t find a word to say,
The fragments dulled, I felt the sting
Of disregard for delicate things.

 Coral Rumble



Ruddering tails twist and turn,
Build a rusty plumage cloud
Above the silent field.
Red kites, a hundred red kites

Filling the air with their
Thin, piping song,
Catching the current
In the angles of their wings.

One by one, they settle
On the bending branches
Of Bisham Woods,
And spot the leaves with

Golden orbed eyes,
Spread their neutral stare
Until each bow is heavy
With stillness.

The gathering is thick with feathers,
Soft quills and barbs are parted
By the fingers of a breeze.
Red kites, a hundred red kites
Roosting, beneath a pale and hollow sky.

Coral Rumble


The sleep in my eyes,
The wax in my ears,
The salt on my cheek
From stray night-time tears,

The squeeze of my jumper,
The swish of my hair,
The crack in my curtain,
The dust in the air,

My skip on the pavement,
My jump from the wall,
The gathering treasure
As large conkers fall,

The squelch of my boots,
The mud in their grooves!
The wobble of puddles
Before they go smooth,

A weekend of time,
A wide space to play,
I think I’ll collect
A poem today.

Coral Rumble

Coral Rumble – Response Padlet

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