Charlie B SHCP

The Waterbowl is a flowering herb.

It has petals the colour of the beach tides that ripple like the water.
And has leaves with holes that the wind whistles merrily through.
Roots like delicate, silky spider webs.
And a dozen or so stems that hold up it’s cup shaped flowers.

It has culinary use like all other herbs,
in the form of delectable cyan pollen which is very sweet and crumbly raw,
but bees and other honey producing insects can make it into a clear blue honey.
This honey has amazing nutritional value and tastes very sweet,
so it is often made into sweets.

Although it does not just have culinary use,
like it’s counterpart, the Fireblossom, it has magical properties.
To access these properties grab a couple of petals, some pollen, clippings of soft corals and
most simple of all, a bottle of water.
Mix them together, take a sip and you can breathe underwater!

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  1. I like the vocabulary that you used! It’s a really great piece of writing.

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