Rafferty What is big

What is thin?The fur of a white tiger.

What is soft? A grey striped kitten nessiling ino it’s basket.

What is rough? A rusty traktors motar thats been battered about carelessly.

What is wide?The deep everlasting universe.

What is tall? A brown and yellow spotted giraffe.

What is short ? A purple pencil pot witch is made out of plastic.

What is ugly ? A troll with only two teeth!

One Response to “Rafferty What is big”

  1. Nice poem Raffy. I like how you talked about the “deep, everlasting universe.”
    Maybe check the spellings of some words: traktors- tractors, motar- motor, nessiling- nestling, and I think you have the wrong which.
    Otherwise a lovely poem,
    From Maggie, Y6

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