FG – BC (Y6)

What are..

What are excited? Children running to their friends for their birthday party, cats with cat-nip, someone waiting for something they ordered to come.

What are/is hot? The sloshing lava in the depths of a maroon volcano, virdiescent, shiny jalapenos.

What are/is stressful? Having to do something under pressure, being stuck in a small space, or facing a horrifically scary fear.

What are/is surprising? When fascinating good luck nudges you at the right moment, seeing glistening shooting stars in the deep mysterious sky.


What is relieving?

When you realise unscrupulous news was actually good news, however comprehending that it was remarkable news, and a calming rainy day reading an extraordinary book.


What is fragile?

Transparent glass standing on a wall waiting to be put into the clean frame of a window, china dolls standing in solitude on ancient wood.


What is brave?
The kind soldiers of both wars, people in the army, and warriors to protect our country,


What is upsetting?

When your friend is ill, and you won’t see them for a while, when you see someone all alone, and when you see a poor homeless person

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