Honeypetals and Skeletrees by Maggie SWW


Bowing to the sun,
the honeypetal cries sticky tears
by day,
and by night
is as solemn as a secret.
Its amber, bowl-petals
catch the flower’s prey
with the thick slab of glue
pasted on each.
The stem is thick and short,
like a thumb.
Hidden underneath the petals,
the pollen is sweet
as a guilty child’s smile,
and a favourite of the bees.


A Skeletree’s roots
are vexed pythons
crawling through the unknown undergrowth.
Its trunk is a hollow trap,
a horror to all wildlife.
Emerging ominously
from black bead buds,
the lifeless skeletons
of leaves are like tangled, ashen spiderwebs.

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