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Fire lilies explode like erupting lava flowing down the volcano. 

The Fire lilies stand up like soldiers marching up for a very

Important mission to save the world. They seem pretty but they have a dark side amongst them. The roots look like a volcano when you cut it open it explodes full of lava. The stem is a twisted lava and rock that swirls when it’s warning you. The pollen is metal and fire is as hot as the sun.


 The Empire tree is the king of the land and makes trees to help the land live and survive. If The Empire Tree dies, they will have a new tree and this will be declared as the new empire tree. The : roots are made from glistening crystals The trunk is made of millions of gold bars The bark is made from flexible gold The branches are made of diamond and obsidian The twigs are Ruby  The leaves are emeralds.the buds are made from iron The flowers are made from copper and smelt like iron The fruit is dragonfruit wrapped in 24 carryout gold and the crown is made of ciristles,  gold, diamond,  obsidian, Ruby, emerald, iron, copper and netherrack.      


The Money tree grows money on its self and grows only in autumn

 they bloom in winter.But they can’t wait to hop into

Summer as well to get more sunlight to grow in autumn so these amazing plants can help the poor. The root are gold,  the trunk is flexible gold,the bark is made of £100000 notes, the branches are 50p coins to buy a book with the money, for the twigs are made diamond which is worth 1mill each diamond, £10 notes for the leafs, the buds are £5 notes crumpled up in a little ball they also smell of old money,  the flowers is £20 notes in a flower shape, the fruit is yubari melan it is worth 26,000[check online], The crown is made of 1 million notes.


 as the sun. The petals are as hot as the sun. 


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