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Magical BotanicalRuben+Richard’s AWESOME poem!


A tiger flower is orangey yellow with brown stripes. It’s leaves are as sharp as a tiger’s tooth and it’s roots are as furry as a chinchillas tail. The middle of the flower is like a tiger’s eye. It can see far away things like it’s favourite food [ducks] and it then cuts the food with it’s sharp leaves. It eats the prey by sucking it through the pupil.


The cookie poppy’s stem is made of delicious, delicious cookie crumble. The petals are made of chocolate chips, and it drips down mouth watering, melted chocolate. It smells like all the delicious cookies in one flavour. It even looks delicious and you can’t help yourself but crave to eat it.


A snake rose’s stem is scaly and rough, it’s pollen is made of paralyzing, poisonous cobra venom. It sometimes unpredictably hums a hissing sound.


The Dr pepper tree has twisted roots which are made of fizzy frozen Dr pepper ice cubes, the trunk is made of Dr pepper gummies.


A diamond tree is clear like a window and it’s leaves sparkle as bright as a star and it is so sharp and strong it can cut through titanium.

The candy tree’s trunk is made of gummy bears and the fruit is chocolate apples. The leaves are all one giant candy floss


A skunk daisy smells horrible and smells worse than a full baby’s nappy. It has got to smell worse than the most horrible smell in this universe. The stem is made of mucky suer muck and the whole plant is squelchy.


The dark flower ‘s roots make a special powder that you put on a roman portal and you will get sent to the land of haddies. The petals you grind up to make a dark tea and the pollen turns anyone who drinks it to the land of graveyard.



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